9-6 Extreme Turbo Nissan KH3DTK1 Juke MGT14X-4149 (+35% Air Flow
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9-6 Extreme Turbo Nissan KH3DTK1 Juke MGT14X-4149 (+35% Air Flow

Price: $899.00
  • Item #: 057-0014
  • Manufacturer: MAMBA
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 057-0021
  • Condition: New
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Product Information



Item Name

MAMBA Nissan KH3DTK1 Juke Gen 2 MGT14X-4149 Extreme Turbocharger (+35% Air Flow)



Upgrade from original Nissan KH3DTK1 Juke Gen 2 Turbo # 14411-BV82A, 14411-BV84A

Bolt-On Upgraded.

ECU and fuel needs to be adjusted.


This turbo upgraded factory MGT1446SZ turbo to MGT14X-4149 which will support higher top end.

Fit 13~14 Nissan KH3DTK1 Gen 2 JUKE / X-Trail 1.6T with Garrett MGT1446SZ Turbo.

Turbo #: 14411-BV82A, 14411-BV84A, 827388-0009, 827388-5009S, 827388-0003, 827388-5003, 827388-5003S, 827388-0012, 827388-5012, 827388-5012S


Compressor Wheel: 39.2/49/64T/6+6 Blade

Turbine wheel: 37.9 / 41.1 mm (MGT14X / 9 Blade / Extreme)

Kit Includes

1 x MAMBA Upgraded Extreme MGT14X-4149

Made By



6 Months Warranty

Turbo needs to be sent back to Taiwan for repair job if there is anything wrong.

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