Mitsubishi TD04HL Bearing Housing Kit / 13.5mm HS 4G93R RVR
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Mitsubishi TD04HL Bearing Housing Kit / 13.5mm HS 4G93R RVR

Price: $97.90
  • Item #: K011-0013
  • Manufacturer: MAMBA
  • Condition: New
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Item Name

MAMBA TD04H TD04HL Bearing Housing + 13.5mm Heat Shield / 4G63T / 4G93T RVR Air Treck

(Oil & Water-Cooled / Oil M10x1.25 / Coolant M12x1.25 / 13.5mm Heat Shield)



Brand New


Oil Feed Hole Thread: M10x1.25mm

Water Coolant Hole Thread: M12x1.25mm

Heat Shield: 13.5mm Thickness


Mitsubshi 4G63T 4G93T 49189-04100 / 49189-04300

Note: This Bearing housing was machined 56.6mm (as picture) to fit wheel exducer less than 56mm (13T, 13G, 15G, 15T, 16T, 18T), If your compressor wheel exducer larger than 56mm (19T, 20T, 21TK, 22T…), Bearing housing needs machining job.

If your turbo is for VOLVO / SAAB / Porsche TD04HL, you need another bearing housing with M12x1.5mm threaded oil hole.

Kit Includes

1 x Oil & Water-Cooled Bearing Housing

1 x M10x1.25mm to 4AN Adapter Fitting (2.5mm Restrictor / Turbo Oil Feed)

1 x M10x1.25 to 4AN Banjo Bolt (2.5mm Restrictor / Turbo Oil Feed)

2 x M12x1.25 Bolt (Water Hole Seal)

4 x 12mm Copper Washer

1 x Oil Return Gasket

1 x 13.5mm Heat Shield

Everything shown on first picture is included

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One Year


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