PRO Turbocharger for TOYOTA 2KD CT10H-19T Hiace Hilux17201-30120
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PRO Turbocharger for TOYOTA 2KD CT10H-19T Hiace Hilux17201-30120

Price: $709.00
  • Item #: 001-0932
  • Manufacturer: MAMBA
  • Condition: New
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Item Name

MAMB TOYOTA 2KD PRO CT10H-19T Turbocharger (17201-30120) +50% Air Flow



Brand New

Fit factory oil line, exhaust manifold and dump pipe.

This 2KD PRO turbo goes with Mitsubishi TD04H compressor housing with 2.35”/60mm Inlet and 2”/50mm outlet, that means you need new silicon hose to connect air filter and cover outlet pipe.


This Pro CT10H-19T goes with Mitsubishi TD04HL-19T larger billet compressor wheel and   +3mm 9 Blade PRO turbine wheel and Gen 3 adjustable actuator to support extreme top end HP.

Fit TOYOTA 2KD-FTV with P/N: 17201-30030, 17201-30090, 17201-30120

NOTE: This turbo could not fit 17201-30070, 17201-30080 as the cover outlet goes to different direction.


Compressor wheel : 46/58/6+6/Performance LEP Design

Turbine Wheel: 41/47.3/9B/High Flow

Air Flow: +50% air flow than factory wheel setting.



Journal Bearing



Gray spring (1.0Bar) will be pre-installed on this turbo.

Additional 1.2bar and 1.5bar spring will go with box.

Kit Includes

1 x MAMBA 2KD PRO CT10H-19T Turbocharger

1 x Turbine Inlet Gasket

1 x Turbine Outlet Gasket

1 x Oil Feed/Return Gasket

3 x 8mm Stud Kit

Everything shown on first picture is included.

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