SUS304 Subaru WRX STI IHI RHF55 P20 Turbine Housing (47/53)
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SUS304 Subaru WRX STI IHI RHF55 P20 Turbine Housing (47/53)

Price: $273.90
  • Item #: 013-1566
  • Manufacturer: MAMBA
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 013-1566
  • Condition: New
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MAMBA SUS304 Subaru IHI RHF55 P20 VF30 VF35 VF39 VF41 VF43 Journal Bearing Turbo Turbine Housing (48/53/OE/P20)



Brand New

Material Stainless Steel SUS304.


P20 (8cm) RHF55 goes with larger A/R than P18 housing to allows more exhaust gas and support higher top end.

But P20 housing will get a little more lag than P18 housing as well.

Fit All Subaru WRX STI RHF55 Journal Bearing Turbo Wheel with Spec: 48/53mm.

Turbine housing from VF30 VF35, VF41 VF43 VF48, VF52.

Note: NOT FOR Subaru RHF5HB VF34, VF36, VF53, VF56, VF58…Ball Bearing Turbo.

 Kit Includes

1 x Turbine Housing

1 x Turbine Inlet Gasket (SUS301)

1 x Turbine Outlet Gasket (SUS301)

8 x Stud kit

Everything shown on first picture is included

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One Year

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